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Skilled Migration visas suit those who have a high level of English, suitable work experience in their field and with a job that is on the specified list set by the Australian government. The steps for skilled migration require the following:

  1. A minimum level of a 6 in IELTS in English or equivalent (hyperlink to our English Language page)
  2. A suitable skills assessment in your nominated occupation
  3. State nomination support (if needed)
  4. Expression of interest with a minimum score of 60 points in the required test or higher depending on your qualification.
  5. Apply for the visa once you are invited.

This visa is divided to few subclasses with the two main ones summarized below:

Skilled Independent Migration- Subclass189

Under this stream, you can qualify if your occupation is on the Long/Medium Term list set by the Department of Home Affairs (previously called the Department of Immigration and Border Protection). No need for state nomination support in this step.

Skilled migration- sponsored –Subclass 190

Under this stream, you can qualify if your occupation is on the short term list and not on the long term list. You will have to obtain the required state nomination support.

The new changes introduced on 19 April 2017 now require those two lists to be changed constantly. Seek our assistance before you apply for this options

If you are interested in knowing whether you meet the criteria for the above, please contact our office for a confidential consultation.  Our consultations provide you with the peace of mind that you are getting the best possible advice for your future.

Please email or telephone our office 02  8080 3840 today to arrange a consultation.

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